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Commercial Real Estate Property Tax Appeals

Commercial property is often assessed at higher tax rates that residential and with property assessments occurring every two years. Property value in the past few years have been overinflated and extremely high. As experts in the field, we utilize a variety of measures to asses the true values of a property, similar to a commercial appraisal. In addition, by performing a cash flow analysis and representing the true NOI to the taxes authorities, we have an opportunity to get taxes lowered even further.

Missouri Real Estate Tax Appeals

For example, the St. Louis County, like other municipality assessors, have over exercised their taxing authority but by appealing, we have an opportunity to reduce your property taxes. In the past few years, the Greater St. Louis Area has seen 17%+ increases on property. You are over paying. Saving even 5% on your taxes, although clients have seen as high as 40% reduction in tax assessments, can change your operation and margins. We are here to save you money and make sure that you are doing all you can to pay what is fair and just, not to be at the mercy of county or city assessors ability to demand higher or unjust taxation on your property!

The Process of Filling For A Commercial Tax Appeal

Once we identify your building and do a preliminary assessment, we will give you a picture of exactly what we think we can appeal your property taxes to! Once we set our objectives, we will set our agreement (SVN | Infinity charges a 33% fee on the total annual savings from the Tax Appeal). We then enter with the courts on your behalf, pulling comparable properties, using the building NOI or Income/Expenses or P/L to justify certain decreases, as well as several other workflows that enables SVN | Infinity to fight for our clients, resulting in more significant savings.

  1. Identify the Asset
  2. Initial Assessment of the Asset
  3. Setting Realistic Benchmarks and Goals
  4. Contractual Agreement (We Only Win When You Win)
  5. Enter Tax Appeal Request on Clients Behalf
  6. Our Secret Sauce: The Win
  7. Money Saved For The Next 2 Years Taxes!

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