Commercial Real Estate Consulting & Counseling

Commercial Real Estate consulting demands in-depth knowledge of market trends, financial analysis, and an intricate understanding of the potential risks and the rewards affiliated with them. In addition, personalized expertise and a proven track record are necessary for expert consulting services. Consulting consists of advising clients on building or investment activities in the market. A good consultant creates a client-centric representation within the real estate market. They deliver strategies and methods to enable clients to achieve their real estate goals. Hiring a commercial real estate consultant will help you understand the entire process and help you accumulate wealth.

Long Term Planning Through Real Estate

We want to get to know you, understand your goals, ambitions, family dynamics and build a complete picture of exactly what you look to get out of an investment in the long run. We use several strategies to create a long-term course of action and growth plans that allows us to develop a timeline and detailed outline for you to find success. Our goal is to ensure we help every client make the most informed decisions for themselves, family and heirs, business, trusts, and portfolios.

Commercial Real Estate Market Analysis

commercial real estate consultingOur 30 years of experience in the commercial real estate market in the Greater St. Louis area gives us a commanding understanding of the market. We use state of the art programming and databases to create a detailed market analysis. Our detailed reports and analysis will give our clients a complete understanding of all the factors at play.

Real Estate Property Analysis

It is important to understand the value of the property and the potential complications that come along with it. We pull extensive reports and make sure our research gives an understanding of the value of the land, the improvements, and the positioning of its location.

Relocation, Assessment & Company Analysis

We pride ourselves in putting our clients first. We work to fight for you so you do not have to. In some circumstances, companies will change their optimal space requirements —either it is too small or too big. Designing a space more efficiently can not only save money, but it can also reignite morale and momentum in the workplace, while simultaneously driving attention and traction to your company. Let us analyze your company operating costs and operations to understand if your operational footprint should be modified. We will do a complete analysis to assess the pros & cons of finding you a new location or how to maximize your existing space.
See Relocation vs Reorganizing to help you make the right decision.

You Want to Leave a Legacy

If you are looking for commercial real estate beyond a piece of ground, existing office or warehouse building, having a consultant is imperative that understands your needs and can create the results that you are looking for. Building your investment portfolio or strategically expanding your business is not only about buying a single building. It is about working with a consultant that can minimize any confusion and downside in the market place. There is more to just purchasing land. It can start with land, but how you develop it to ultimately leave a legacy.

Commercial Real Estate Consulting Centers Around Building Wealth

Smart investing will withstand the age of your building or development. It is important that you are deliberate in making an informed decision where you decide to invest your wealth (into the future). Property can appreciate over time and understanding the structure and potential of the property in your market is crucial. Using an experienced consultant will allow you to understand the depths of the real estate investment you are about to make.

Your Consultant, SVN | Infinity Commercial Group

Our leadership and relationships within the Greater St. Louis Area commercial real estate market allow us to provide a wide array of advisory services to our clients. Our promise to you is that we understand exactly what you are looking for and we provide you with the best and most accurate information and interpretation possible. We have experience in

  • Determining the Value of Real Estate Assets
  • Location Analysis
  • Identifying Local Competitive Market Factors
  • Evaluating the Financial Feasibility & Requirements
  • Complete Action Plan
  • Relocation

Building Wealth Through Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is a great way to accumulate wealth and maintain it. While a property may not always appreciate, how you manage and utilize your land can bring you a bountiful return. Sit down with an SVN | Infinity Investment Specialist to learn how to make your money work for you. We help clients locate investment properties, create a long term plan for development, utilization and action plan, as well as marketing and industry-leading analysis and insight. Hire SVN | Infinity for expertise and experience, we know what we’re doing, now let us help you build your future!

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