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Selling Your Commercial Real Estate

Selling your building or warehouse? Ready to figure out how much your commercial real estate property is worth? The real estate market is a dynamic system that tends to reward properties acquired, held, and maintained over a period of time, as long as the property area is in within a growing population. Selling your property now may be a great opportunity for you to either reinvest or recreate your less liquid assets. If you own a commercial real estate property and are ready to sell it or you just want to reassess your current standings, commercial properties values are market dependent and knowing exactly what your asset is worth is critical.

Commercial Real Estate Sales

Commercial SalesCommercial Sales is just one of several brokerage services SVN | Infinity Commercial Group offers. Selling your building or property is a key factor in the commercial real estate cycle. When you acquired your building, you were looking down the road to a successful exit and that is exactly what we are here to help you with. Selling your commercial property can free you from certain obligations you are ready to leave behind you or open the door to new opportunities you want to take on. Commercial real estate is a great way to maintain and build wealth, investment properties and other commercial real estate operations can open the door to new opportunities and exponential return.

SVN | Infinity Commercial Sales

SVN | Infinity Commercial Group’s highly trained staff are here to help maximize (or reposition) property values by providing long term tenant solutions & strategies for our clients. Our experience combined with skillful negotiating and personalized market approach ensures our clients’ success and we exceed expectations. We bring our professional line of commitment to every one of our clients and tailor the best marketing program tailored to our clients’ market criteria.

Taxes too High? Tax Appeal.

Check out our Commercial Real Estate Tax Appeals program. Every Odd year, landowners are able to contest their taxed and assessed values. See how we can save you serious money on your annual taxes!

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