Adding Leasing to Service Offerings

commercial leasing

Is leasing included in your firm’s service offerings? There are several excellent reasons to include leasing as part of your brokerage services. Following are three main reasons:

Why Should You Include Leasing to Your Service Offerings

 Increase market presence  (or, it’s all about signage)

A great reason to include leasing to your service offerings is to build your market presence. Lease listings provide the opportunity to place many more signs in your market and help establish a visible presence. Your signs promote your name and the SVN brand throughout your market.

Generate sale opportunities

Lease listings sometimes turn into sale opportunities as they offer built-in opportunities to establish ongoing, long-term relationships with landlords.  When it comes time to sell, you are already “top of mind” for that conversation.

Deepen your CRE expertise

There are a great number of details involved in promoting lease spaces, conducting leasing deal negotiations and transactions, and in creating leasing documents. Mastering this important dimension of commercial real estate contributes greatly to the “encyclopedic knowledge” that characterizes effective advisors.

Why Including Leasing in Your Service Offerings?

In conclusion, adding leasing to your service offerings is a great idea for multiple reasons. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions for us! We would be more than happy to help you.